Fabrication & Finishing


We supply components, sub assemblies and finished products for a number of industries including architectural, automotive and medical. Our team is always available to offer technical advice to customers during initial product design, development and fabrication stages.

Our fabrication techniques enable us produce prototypes, small or large batches and production line quantities. See our Special Projects page for examples of our work.


Parts can be supplied in a choice of finishes and if you are looking for advice on the best method, our technical staff can suggest various options, contact us with any questions.

We can supply parts in the following finishes:

  • Mill finished
  • Polished
  • Linished
  • Degreased
  • Pre-treated
  • Heat treated
  • Anodised
  • Painted / Powdercoated

Part Marking

Part marking electronic engraving can be carried out to customer specification in designated areas of parts. Information such as part numbers, part revisions, batch numbers and any letter / number combination can be displayed by light engraving the surface material (aluminium, steel and other materials).

Fabrication - Part Marking