Whilst most of the products we manufacture use aluminium extrusions and castings, other metals such as brass, mild steel, stainless steel and iron can also be used.

Section Bending

Section Bending

For over 40 years, Midland Alloy has developed and perfected specialist skills and techniques in metal section manipulation including tube bending, section bending and rolling. Aluminium bending is our specialty, however we can also… More


CNC Machining

We specialise in complex 5 axis CNC machining of non-ferrous materials such as aluminium extrusions and castings with large-scale production capabilities. Various other metals, wood, plastics, resins and composite materials are also machined, together with… More


TIG Welding & Brazing

Coded TIG Welding Aluminium TIG welding by British Standard coded personnel is a speciality at Midland Alloy. We can also weld other metals including mild steel and stainless steel. We use state of the art… More


Fabrication & Finishing

Fabrication We supply components, sub assemblies and finished products for a number of industries including architectural, automotive and medical. Our team is always available to offer technical advice to customers during initial product design,… More



All our bend tools, jigs and fixtures for special machining, welding and inspection are designed using our in-house CAD/CAM suite. They are then developed, assembled and tested in-house. This facility is invaluable for ensuring… More