Special Projects

Small, medium and large special engineering projects are undertaken for a wide variety of customers. Projects can combine metal section bending, 3 & 5 axis CNC machining and welding to create components, sub-assemblies or full assemblies for various industries. Industries we have worked in include the furniture, shower enclosure and lighting industries.

Bodleian Oxford Library Chair Competition

A UK-wide competition was launched to design a new chair for the historic Bodleian Libraries at the University of Oxford. One of the three finalists included the designer-manufacturer partnership of London’s AL_A (Amanda Levete Architects) and Herman Miller. Midland Alloy were elected by this partnership to manufacture the prototype chair frames, produced from pre-polished, work-hardened 304 stainless steel solid bar and CNC-machined, TIG welded stainless steel triangular connectors to link the 3D printed seat shell each side, for Herman Miller to complete the assembly.

Through innovative development, Midland Alloy manufactured the curved chair frames with bends of various radii in one hit without splitting the stainless steel bar. This eliminated the need for TIG welded joints which helped to streamline production and improve cosmetic appearance.

Bloids at the London Science Museum

This was a special project undertaken by Midland Alloy for the London Science Museum using 3D CAD, metal forming, fabrication and assembly skills. Ten individually shaped large metal sculptures were made using 3D shaped structural aluminium frames and skins to encompass complex interactive educational displays.

Payphone Enclosures

The creative concept designs for these payphone enclosures were produced by award winning architect Francis Machin. Midland Alloy designed, manufactured, fully finished, glazed and assembled the enclosures complete with electrics.