Midland Alloy has been producing components for the rail industry for over 40 years and has continuously exceeded the quality requirements of customer specifications. Our customers can rely on us to produce the highest standard of parts in the agreed time frame.


  • Bending aluminium extrusions to produce 2D and 3D shapes
  • Complex 5 axis machining of aluminium extrusions and castings
  • Coded TIG welding
  • In-house tooling


Components, sub-assemblies and full assemblies are made to customer specification in small, medium and large production quantities to suit the demand.

  • Windscreen frames
  • Curved¬†roof and bodyside¬†structural members
  • Structural frames and tubular hoops for Bellows intercarriage systems
  • Inter-carriage door frames
  • Seat frames & components
  • Internal glazed screens
  • Access treadplates
  • Door frames
  • Carriage side windows and frames
  • Drivers sun visors
  • Tubular hand rails
  • Lighting & sign frames
  • Luggage racks
  • Wheelchair support frames
  • Train external nameplates
  • Railway infrastructure products such as glazed shelters and booths

Rail - Train Nameplate